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In the beginning Bon Ton and Handsome Hank decided they wanted to make people dance. They said to one another "Let there be music. Let there be beat. Let there be the wildest show since light.

In came Vanja Lo, and what a nifty little number she was! The two genlemen first laid eyes on her as she was singing her heart out in some small bar. They instantly knew she was the one, a true star! Something you all shall learn, whenever you see the show. Finally Mr Magnatone showed up, dressed sharply as a gut-ripper. There was bass, drums, voice, guitar. And there was The Vanjas.

Since then The Vanjas have been giving out, all through fire and water, Germany and Spain, love and cheating, England and Maine. These undefeatables shall (once) again please your ears, sooth your pain and give it all to those who hunger for more. The Vanjas are standing strong, ready to conquer your souls and your hearts. What´s left to do for you now, is only to surrender and get exhited.



Vanja Lo – Singer and show-woman extraordinaire. Born in the late 80s straight into a world of decadence, growing up on the road, this one was practically brought up by music. Fearless excitement on the stage like hers is hard to find even among the most recognised performers of the past and the present. Here you have one of the rawest and most sensual voices in rock 'n' roll music.


Mr Magnatone – An insolently handsome and young guitarist. Brought up on the bad side of town in Stockholm, he never learned to read or write so well – but he could play the guitar just like ringing a bell. His exquisite taste in vintage guitars & amps reflects his playing style, which delivers a thunderstorm of riff-raff & honky-tonkin'. Watch him go wild when he turns up his wall of Magnatones to eleven!


Bon Ton – Born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden, this rock steady bass player has certainly been around. He started playing music in early childhood and formed his first blues band at the age of fifteen. He has lived a life of travelling and performing and is after all these years still enjoying it. If he gets lost in these modern times, he searches for inspiration in those old records. He might find it in garage rock, soul, punk, or of course in the blues.


The Swinger – Always wanted to become a musician, but instead he became a swing dancer. After years in the dance business he could no longer hold back his dream. He borrowed a drum kit and started practising. As a newborn musician he joined the Vanjas. Inexperienced, but raw and swingin', this drummer has excitement and passion about rock 'n' roll.

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